palette in Staithes


Whilst in Staithes I used

Cadmium Red (Micheal Harding)*
Permanent Alizarin Crimson (W&N)*
Cadmium Orange (Maimeri Puro)*
Indian yellow (W&N)*
Cadmium Yellow Lemon (Micheal Harding)*
Yellow Ochre (Micheal Harding)*
Blue Black (W&N)*
Indanthrene Blue (W&N)*
Kings Blue Deep (Micheal Harding)*
Ultramarine Blue (Micheal Harding)*
Ultramarine Violet (Micheal Harding)*
Warm Yellow light (Micheal Harding)*
Titanium White (Winton) *

Gamblin Solvent free gel *

Doing mostly seascapes I didn’t miss any of my convenience greens. The blue black and cadmium yellow light make an excellent deep shadow green to sunlit green. The yellow ochre and blue black mix is also a good mucky colour.



The only disaster was the Titanium white. Must be an old old tube. It had dried up lumps in side so every now and then I had to ram a paint brush handle in the opening and jiggle it about. It also split its seams and started leaking everywhere. Very stiff paint, even more than usual. I am going to switch to using Jacksons titanium white as I prefer an oiler texture to my paints.

I used my Strada Easel, which is amazing. I have been enjoying Jacksons own gesso panels*. they’re sturdy enough to use the matchstick technique for transport, nice smooth finish. Just be sure to get the uncradled if you’re planning to plein air in a pochard box… I accidentally got some cradled and they’re still hanging around waiting to used.

The links marked with * are affiliate links. There is no extra charge but I am able to earn a small commission to use against buying my own art materials.

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