Upstairs with Miss Kitty, Staithes. Plein air painting of shop front, Upstairs with Miss Kitty in Staithes.

I hope you’re all safe and well in these interesting times. I have been coasting along in a daze, wondering what time it is, what day it is, and slowly reverting back to my teenage sleep patters or stay up all night and sleep all day. fortunately, now that we can leave the house as many times a day as we wish, the dogs are reminding me that early mornings are for their first walk. Still hurts to get up though!

Painting wise I am working though my backlog of unresolved paintings. One I started in Staithes last year.

Here’s before:


and heres after!


Things I altered.

  • the roof line was too high
  • perspective rule 101 always have vertical lines perpendicular to the right angles of the board, so I got the ruler out. Also levelled off the door ways on the left and made the yard gates look more like entrances
  • more shadows on the bottom right the ‘hold’ the eye
  • having compressed the background I could then sort out the focal point above where the path disappears near the middle of the painting
  • ignored the changing textures of the pavement and made it look like bounce light from the buildings to vary the shadows.
  • put a more saturated colour on the terracotta roof.
  • made the sky lighter and bluer

phew, no wonder it took me all afternoon! Im really looking forward to be able to go to the seaside again.

Stay safe everyone.

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