5 reasons to go on a painting holiday


I might have mentioned that I went on a painting holiday, now two weeks ago, and I thought I’d share what made me take the plunge, sign up, and hand over my hard earned cash.

  1. Meet new like minded friends. I did have the mick taken out of me for saying I’d signed up to go to a tiny village to paint all weekend, on my birthday. But what do they know? I went to learn how to improve my painting and meet other people who like to paint. (Saturday was also brilliant with members of the ROI out in force. Comments from passers by included ‘there’s another one’ and ‘is there a competition’
  2. Confidence booster to just get out there and paint. Haidee gave me the tools to break down a scene, decide what I want to paint, and tackle it one step at a time, in terms of values.
  3. Learn how Haidee paints! I like her paintings, I like en plein air painting. I was searching for fresh inspiration…. I went on a painting holiday!
  4. Peer learning. I miss having peers around me, even if they did lead me astray and straight into the pub on an evening 😉 but they also gave me brilliant inspiration. whether letting me have a squeeze of paint so i can see if it’s something i really want on my palette, genius ideas for how to better carry my pochade/tripod set up or just plain and simple OpenBoxM and Strada envy it was a jam packed week end.
  5. fresh scenery. I usually paint Weardale hills. With Haidees help I tackled boats and buildings. and I am now full of enthusiasm to get out there and paint more buildings. (There is a sad lack of boats in Weardale)

What would make you go on a painting holiday?

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