Pebeo Mixed Media


Pebeo mixed media poured over crackle paste

When googling ‘mixed media’ Pebeo Mixed Media always comes up. So I bought a mixed media set! It was supposed to contain ceramic, fantasy moon, prisme fantasy and vitrail transparent, but instead of three ceramic paints, I got 3 duplicate vitrail paints instead, so I cant comment on them.


Pebeo moon, prisme and vitrail paint pots

Generally the Vitrail is used as a base coat and the others are poured over it. The prime fantasy giving the granulated textures.


more is more! the first one looking a bit sparce. 

I found the following video helpful: Fluid Art by Katie Jobling)


The bottom line:

  • Super fun
  • more is better
  • tip your working area
  • really messed my brushes up
  • Maximum visual impact for minimal effort aka looks really cool.
  • shifts patterns as you watch it
  • It really, really stinks. I had the door and the window open and left the wet ones outside to dry.
  • I got a migraine anyway.

In conclusion: Not for me. But if you’re not prone to migraines I recommend you give it a go.

Author: Susanna Heath

I'm an artist in the North East of England currently teaching and painting! You can also find me: @suzu192

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