Inktober 2017 day 3


What i drew on day 3… I did have a concept ready to go, but I still can’t settle on one I like. Meanwhile this handsome chap was about to loose his feathers. 

I used polychromos pencil, lamy safari foundtain pen, acrylic white pen marker and acrylic black ink in my a3 ebony daler Rowney sketch book. The sketch book really wasn’t up to all those layers of water and started to speckle on me, that actually worked well as the stable wall. 

I drew him from life, in the stable with the dogs crying outside to be let in to help me, and then inked and put the tonal washes on in the studio. 

Bonus points if you can still see the chickens feet. They’re under the unsightly blob of black ink…. I may just count his as poison, based on a tenuous link from a childhood memory where I saw a cartoon of Death walking into the pub and asking who stole the chicken…

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