Intober 2017 #6


And what’s better than one sword? Two swords! Just a quick one as I left the house for work at 8.30am and got home at 9pm. Drawing a square to contain my drawing seems to be helping. The last few grew to A3 size. Reasonably happy with this one: found the reference photo, and added on the armour. Didn’t get to fancy with the procreate, just switched between tabs on my internet. Browser. Main reference for the pose (including the swords) is from Senshi Stock on dA. 

Physical materials used were the Uni Kuro Toga 0.5 pencil, acrylic marker, the Pental brush pen and my lamy safari. I’ve been watching Werono Yume on the youTube and she outlines with her fountain pen, then fills in with a brush pen. I had a light bulb moment. It’s not to say that nothing went wrong: the reason why she has a shaded fist is because she ended up with only three fingers, and trying to fix it made it worse. I had to black in the background as well. Oh well. Better luck tomorrow. 

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