Inktober 2017 #12


Stock from Robyn rose and Everythingisinstock. A very rushed one, left it drying on the backseat of my car while i went to work, and then did a bit more and drove on. Yes, the wash is still wet on the ‘finished’ one. 

Drying on the back seat of my car while i go to work

I used what i could easily carry without having a catastrophe in my handbag. Pental waterbrush filled with light acrylic ink was, Pental pocket brush pen, kuratake brush pen, white acrylic marker pen, lamy safari fountain pen filled with bullet proof ink, kuru toga mechanical pencil and an eraser. I remember now why i never use the Pental waterbrush pen, it tends to drip out, instead of flooding the brush with ink. Oh well.

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