Inktober 2017 #16 


Todays theme is where I felt bad for my self imposed theme of female faces/figures, but Senshistock came to the rescue again. In terms of what I set out to do, I ended up hiding the hands, as I didn’t have time to fix them, and again with not being happy with my cross hatching. I tried using a charcoal pencil over the ink – a staedter and a caran d‘arch, but they weren’t opaque enough. 

I used reference from Here, staedter charcoal pencil in white, white gel pen, lamy safari fountain pen, Pental pocket fountain pen, kuru toga mechanical pencil and the seemingly unimportant tool that I’ve used the most this month: my heat gun just peeking in the corner there. I’ve never been patient enough to wait for washes to dry, and with inktober I don’t have the time.

I was watching a YouTube video by Mary Sanche where she says about her observations on the artist Jean Moebius ‘the fewer lines you have when drawing a women the more beautiful she looks’. There could be something in that and my inadvertently drawing a lot of facial hair when I don’t have time to build ink washes.

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