A quick card

Very sadly one of my students has passed away. He did have a chronic illness, but got on with life at his own pace and left the class seemingly fine. His wife sent me an email to let me know of his passing, so as he was part of a very proactive art group, we’re doing a card. 

I’ve done a quick line and wash card, using polychromos pencils to get quick depth. I used incredible white mask using the dip stick, and I found that the nib was better than a one time only use of a brush, or using a silicone shaper. I shall be looking into getting a slimmer nib (it looks like there’s a space for it at the other end.) it also came with remover, but i found it removed easily enough using my finger. It dried clear, and fast with use of my heat tool so it was easy for me to see where I had placed my marks on the paper. 

I used a mix of my lamy safari fountain pen and a brush to add the line. Reference was from a photo I took myself.

The colour of the dried incredible mask after a few washes
After the incredible mask was removed
Adding the first few ink and pencil marks
Gone a bit dark…?

I think the masking fluid lines were not as elegant as I would have liked, and my drawing of the flowers got lost, but for an hours work, not bad. Now back to catching up on inktober!

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