Inktober 2017 #25


I used to read epic fantasy when I was a kid, I had read all the kids books in the library and then over on to epic fantasy (and the discworld) I read a series called Live Ships, where the figure heads could talk, navigate and fight back against invaders. Half way through sticking bit of ship and human models together I remembered what had inspired it.

I like the concept of this one, but my execution leaves a little to be desired. Being behind I rushed through so I could attempt to complete them both…. and failed. Looking at it now, I could spend another hour on it. Unfortunately her expression is vacant and I was aiming for fierce. Oh well. Better luck tomorrow.

Stock from Here by Marcus Ranum. I took my own photo of boats at Hartlepool. If only I’d known I’d be drawing the figure heads.

I used the bamboo paper, my Lamy safari fountain pen and the sailor fountain pen with a fude nib.


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