Art goals 2018

Having had the better part of a month off, I am now raring to paint again. Unfortunately I also have to get ready for work, At least i have my helpers. Does anyone else find that the more they tidy, the messier it gets?

The more I tidy my studio... the messier it gets!

I’ve also been thinking over what I want to do in 2018, so for my own reference and record:

Start my own class

  • Enquire about venues (done)
  • Approach potential students (done)
  • Settle the date (next on the list)
  • Get advertising together
  • LP

Do more demonstrations

  • Get feedback and recommendations from currently booked ones
  • Update website with that information
  • Advertise

Do more commissions

  • I would like to do commissions of dogs and houses
  • Paint dogs and houses as examples
  • Advertise

Get body of work together for a gallery

  • research galleries that are a fit for my work and current skill level
  • Decide on theme (done)
  • Paint! (Currently on with)

Apply to one juried art show a month that aren’t local

Things to research- business

  • online shop
  • Branding
  • Self employment

Art improvement stuff

  • Draw everyday
  • Read art books (as previously mentioned, I have a massive pile of books I’ve only flipped through.)
  • Improve drawing people
  • Do more plein air painting

Sharing this list of aims is terrifying, and there’s a voice inside that is saying committing it down like that will ensure I’ll fail, but I am choosing to consider this a method of tracking my progress and keeping myself on track.

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