En plein air

I set off on my own, to get some painting in. My studio assistants were not amused, the walking boots going into the car meant they should be going.

Again it rained the whole way there, but stopped as I was getting my kit out of the car, giving me a moving inspiration of cloudy skies.

It rained, but I was ready with my umbrella saving my paint from being washed off my board. For all my biggest gripe with acrylics is how fast it dries, I had to treat it like oil paint and scrape off parts that weren’t working as it wasn’t drying much for the three hours I was out there.

I got this far and the sun came out.

If I hadn’t been in need of my lunch and being completely chilled, I’d have started a different painting.

Things I would do differently next time:

  • Take the clip on umbrella with me, so I can use the little one to keep my bag dry
  • Take spare palette paper because I reach a maximum mud, paper wouldn’t stay in my stay wet palette tub
  • Do a more detailed tonal sketch. I got distracted trying to paint what I saw and sp not a lot of time chasing the light, instead of cracking on
  • Remember to drink more, I took tea and water down with me but didn’t pause to drink it. I get headaches in those situations and drinking the tea would have warmed me up
  • An extra pair of gloves. When mine got wet it was the beginning of the chill setting in
  • Take lunch down to where I am painting

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