Seaside en Plein air 2 part a

I went a little around the corner from where I was last time, the tide was going out. I know the sea goes all the way up to the cliffs at high tide.

I did some reading on acrylic paint, and found that Winsor and Newton acrylic paints are designed to stay wetter for longer and when semi dry I was able to rework the paint on my palette. It’s also said that the colours stay the same, but since I’m using them with regular acrylics (Liquitex basic and golden) I can’t say one way or the other.

Having been out more recently, I started strong, but I tried to squish too much into it. I wanted the distant windmills, the snow where the tide doesn’t reach and the cliffs and people beach leading into it. At least five paintings there for another day. Even in the early stages there’s too much conflict between the sea and the snow, and for someone who wasn’t there, it’s probably difficult to tell it’s snow and not sea foam.

I had a better handle on putting rocks in the foreground and suggestions of rocks in the middle distance, still plenty to work on though.

At this stage I started to get mud. So back to using fewer colours for me. I’ve got to remember that I can’t over rely on raw umber for my darks.

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