New website!

I have finally upgraded to my own domain name. It caused the bank, and by proxy me, a big panic when they phoned up and asked if I recognised the transaction. As it wasn’t listed under wordpress I didn’t recognise it straight away! 

Instagram is my spiritual home. Alas, they’ve changed what I loved about it. Here are some of the layouts I’ve posted or am about to post. At least breaking my instagram habit has created more time for painting.

While my mum was away on holiday, a shopping company that she frequently patronises sent her flowers as a thank you for her custom. Fortunately they where labelled fresh flowers so I got to open them, enjoy them and paint them.

I am working on some commissions at the moment that can’t be shared until after Christmas! On that note, I had better go get started… as I get older this technology thing takes longer to figure out. You can see more images on instagram at  @suzu192

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