The struggle to art

If you’re struggling to get started with your art, give yourself time off.

Having resolved to be all around awesome, do all the things and be fit for my holiday…. I came down with the flu and spent all the time I wasn’t at work sleeping and/or feeling very sorry for myself. Everytime I went to do work, I would fizzle out and have a much needed nap instead. It was so frustrating, and I spent a lot of time beating myself up over it, which lead to…. not getting anything done and feeling even worse.

Fortunately I had booked a holiday with a friend and we had a blast. We went skiing in Mayrhofen Zillertal, Austria. It was fantastic. All i did was ski, apres ski and eat. I now feel ready to do all the things….! After some sleep.

I’ve also found learning something new, has made me feel more confident in myself. At the start of the week I could just about remember how to do the snow plough. By the end I’m a 6 or 7 on the ski school grad system. I went down the Harakiri (technically – there’s a blue run at the bottom, to catch all the people who went down on their backs), and skied down a red run before ski school and even though I stacked it big time, nothing bad happened.

What’s a bit of painting to that? Or fifteen minutes sketching? And I now have some new fresh photos to paint from and a passion to paint skiing scenes!

My only word of caution is that I’ve come home with a burning need to buy my own skiing equipment….

View from the Penkenbahn gondola.
The White Lounge (an igloo bar) has electric and speakers for the music, along with alcohol, but no toilet. (It’s under the lift if you’re ever there and desperate)

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