Inktober 2017 #1


Inktober day 1: Swift

I found my Pental brush pen! I spent all day looking for it when I was doing my inktober stash post. I promptly scribbled all over my drawing and regretted it. I am not happy with this one, and I am putting it down to the rush to get it done before work. I’m not satisfied with my concept or composition. But hey, I started!

It takes cartridges

I used the Noodlers black ink out of the jar, my lamy safari pen, the Pental brush Pen and Rosemary’s sable pocket brush on the Bristol Board. Due to how much water I heaped on, the water seeped under the tape and caused the paper to tear when I peeled it off. D:

I found the noodlers ink separated when heavily dialuted, it can be seen on her face the most. I possibly also overworked the paper and it started to absorb ink instead of letting me push it around. 

I am falling in love with ink, (currently on day 4) but I am finding a new appreciation for how oil paint just wipes off or paints over! I picked up my white acrylic marker to try and put some light back into it but was too tentative and didn’t manage to achieve anything. 


  1. I love that ink drawing at the top. The face is so expressive and the birds seeming part of her hair give it such a freeing, exuberant feeling. I’ve never drawn with ink before and imagine it would be quite challenging. But I can see why you are falling in love with it, given the beautiful work you are doing already.


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