Inktober 2017 #20, #21 and #22

Inktober day 20: deep

Still catching up. Super quick drawings and inking. Wow do I wish I’d taken an extra five minutes to get the glasses less wonky. On the plus side, the foreshortening isn’t so bad. Stock from Senshistock


inktober day 21 furious

Got a little carried away with this one, couldn’t resist an ink wash. Men’s faces are definitely easier for me to draw than a woman’s, in terms of getting the feel of the drawing with extra ink marks. Stock from Senshistock

All drawn on lyndhurst cartridge paper with my kuru toga pencil, Lamy safari fountain pen and Derwent brush pens filled with ink washes.

Inktober day 22 Trail

Now I’ve stoped to look at this one, the shoulder is to small, otherwise… not bad for 15 minutes, including dry time. Stock from Senshistock


    1. Thanks. It has been an eye opener into what i can do. Often in tell myself I don’t have time to do any art, but with a bit of preplanning it can be done, even if they’re not as polished as i would like its better drawing practice than if i had done nothing.

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