Inktober #26 and #27


To get to the top you’ve got to climb. Very quickly done with my sailor 40 degree fude pen and carbon ink. Don’t feel like I did the reference material justice, but that’s what I got done, and i don’t have time to restart it today. Reference is from: Anettfrozen


If you’ve read the Discworld novels, you’ll know. This is the death of rats, and even if the rat catcher doesn’t believe in reincarnation, reincarnation believes in you. Modeled by yours truly, with use of a book of skulls for the rat skull and a lot of procreate magic. Even though the face isn’t drawn particularly well, and it less hatching, more scribbling, i am happy with this one. It’s possible the emotional connection the Discworld. I’ve always loved that series since i was eleven.

Used acrylic ink, carbon ink, kuru toga pencil for drawing, sailor fude 40 degree pen, Pental pocket brush pen, and acrylic markers in white and sh. Light blue.

And yes, the reason I haven’t used my Lamy safari pen is because I have misplaced it.


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