Inktober 2017 #28


Stock by Senshistock

Over all pleased with this one. Facial expression! Sense of movement. Shame the hands and the right side of her face aren’t quite right. I did take my time with the hatching, which is the only way to do it. Quick sketchy line drawings and slow hatching. I can’t resist awash of ink either. I can’t wait to get back to line and wash. I forgot that using the white ink 30 makes it very difficult to draw over the top, so that messed it up more.

I used the two types of mapping/crows quill nibs that I have, the Tachikawa mapping pen no99 which is made in Japan and the Hunt 107 made in the USA. They’re both a firm, inflexible nib that can produce a really delicate line, with a surprising amount of line variation. When trying to get to sketchy and fast they also catch on the paper, Hahnemuhle bamboo mixed media. I also tried it out on smooth cartridge paper and it was no different. I am heavy handed so it could just be me. The usual suspects were also deployed: kuru toga mechanical pencil, white gel pen, acrylic marker, and platinum carbon black ink.

Bonus of Peter ‘helping’, as i have so much stuff on my desk I draw on my lap.


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