The hardest part….

…. is putting the finishing touches on, and debating whether or not they’re ‘ruin’ their piece. I usually encourage a more gunshot attitude (I am very good at telling my students to put more shadow in, height lights etc) but when it comes to commissions, my knees are knocking, and my hands are shaking.

Luckily I have a good friend who studied illustration and has more design sense than I do, and its easy to send her a photo and ask her opinion. If you don’t happen to have a friend who has a strong design background, you may have one who can point out that there is something not quite right, even if they can’t articulate what it is. My mum can tell that there’s something off with anatomy and perspective, even if she cant tell me how to fix it.

The finishing touches for Arnie are going to be daisies. They’ll add visual interest and lighten the image. To make a final decision, I took a photo and opened it in Procreate, where the layer function allows me to draw over and remove it with no fears of messing up. I can also use my iPad to check the tonal values by changing the photo setting to mono.

Now to get the paint out.

This post isn’t sponsored by apple! Others tablets are available.

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