Autumn leaves

I’ve finally succumbed to SkillShare.

Illustration and inspiration: keeping a sketchbook by Leah Goren is the first class I’ve watched were I was inspired to do the ‘homework’. During ink toner I was desperate to paint the autumnal colours around me, and what better way than some quick ink and wash sketches?

I put the watercolour down first. I used aureolin W&N, cadmium yellow W&N, Cadmium Orange W&N, alizarin crimson SAA, french ultramarine SAA, Winsor green yellow shade W&N, and Green Gold DS.

Then came the difficult decision of which coloured ink to use. I tested it out in my sketchbook, and decided on Diamines’ deep magenta. I find the combination of orange and pink very pleasing at the moment.

I’m not sure how well it would turn into a pattern as one leaf goes off the edge, but exercise one complete!

(Also no sponsored by Skillshare.)

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