Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a brilliant Christmas/Festive season and a great new year.

I have a confession though, I haven’t been drawing everyday. Head cold arrived on the first of December and hasn’t really let go. I feel exhausted doing things like getting out of bed and lying on the couch. As a result the dogs are seriously under exercised. But I have been taking photos and thinking of things I want to do, and I am even half way prepared for the new term!

Lily is not amused at me.

Peter and Lily being cute.

Why yes, I am holding treats.

An old colleague, who has also has the exhaustion bug, brought her 8 month puppy up for a doggy play date. They slept til tea time!

If you look carefully, Noahs sticking his tongue out at you. The old man had to have all his front teeth out because they where infected.

And Arnie the fierce guard dog went home to his owner, who was over joyed. She cried…! Job satisfaction right there.

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