I’ve been booked to do a demonstration called ‘soggy seasscapes’ on acrylics seascapes. I haven’t painted a full painting in acrylics for over ten years, since my tutor at university got me to try oils properly. Relearning how to use them is a process. Things I’d forgotten (even though I make my students use them) is a stay wet home made palette (keeps the paint wet long enough to mix it on the palette) making blending on the page easier. I have a tendency to treat as oils or watercolour, when they can do much more. And then you can add mediums to them…

So back to colour mixing charts, can knock one out before work. I need to find a tub with a lid so I can save more paint. (The paints on wet kitchen roll to stop it from drying out before I’m done with it.) Next seaside trip is Monday!

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