Art Classes

I am now teaching 3 art classes locally. If you’d like to be updated on times, prices and venues, please sign up to my email list here. It will just be for information about the art classes, and is all compliant and legal with data protection law. I can see why people didn’t do it before […]

Old work

I always encourage my students to keep their old work, as the comparison can give quite a confidence boost. This work is seven years old, and it is good to compare to now. These are the farriers two pets. They kept the cat in so I could take her photo. I feel that although my […]


I’ve been booked to do a demonstration called ‘soggy seasscapes’ on acrylics seascapes. I haven’t painted a full painting in acrylics for over ten years, since my tutor at university got me to try oils properly. Relearning how to use them is a process. Things I’d forgotten (even though I make my students use them) […]