Plein Air: North Gare Beach

View of Seaton Carew Beach and Hartlepool from North Gare Beach.

Sand dunes at North Gare Beach.

Last Sunday I had made very sensible, serious adult plans that involved going to the ‘toon to go to the bank, and while I was there seeing an art exhibition. This coincided with the fake spring we had. The weather was so good, I had to go painting. As I had the dogs, I went to North Gare beach as one of my favourite dog walks.

When I got there, there was an endurance ride on, first of the season. So horses and riders were popping up over the sand dunes. There were hoards of people and families. In fact the weather was so good I had to take my down layer and a jumper off.

I still have my skiing thermals on though.

Artist in action shot was taken by John. Thank you and great to meet you!

The weather, apart from unseasonal, was very strange. The sunshine was very bright, but very hazy. Wasn’t as hazy at home so i was a bit disappointed when I reached the coast, but all in all it gave it a lovely atmosphere.

The dogs were so good. Part of that was I’d tied them up so they couldn’t knock my easel over, as a means of getting my attention. Boardercollies are smart like that.

Lily had her dreams come true and got petted by loads of kids. I could tell when children were approaching as she started vibrating with excited. All the kids were good with the dogs too. They asked to pet the dogs, even Lily who was trying to fling herself at them, and ignored Peter if he needed to be ignored.

They did come out with some corking questions. ‘Is someone making you do that?’ And ‘how?’ And of course the age old argument was begun anew with ‘I wish I was talented like you’.

Early stages. Currently when painting I am trying to focus on getting the large shapes blocked in, in the correct tonal value and then putting in the details.

The preliminary sketch.

Peter, resigned to his fate.

Lily, not impressed with me.

We then had a fantastic walk, before going home for the dogs ‘breakfast’. I don’t dare feed Peter before taking him in the car. He’s a nervous passenger.

And there wasn’t a peep out of all three of us for the rest of the night.

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