Manchester Paint out

British Plein Air Painters has organised a program of paint out days. I managed to attend one in Manchester with the Northern Boys. As it was the only one I could attend, I made a special effort to get there.

I have never been to Manchester before so I got totally lost, was late, and ended up following another person with an easel I spotted. the original plan had been Picadilly Gardens, but they had moved on to Albert Square.

Unfortunately it was the week before the lovely weather we’re having. It was so cold! Fortunately there was a coffeeshop just were I was painting. it was loads of fun, I met loads of other artists that I follow on instagram, and it was very inspiring to see their work.


I didn’t manage to finish mine. I have to allow for the learning curve when painting new topics. I have never painted a plein air city like Manchester before. I don’t count the pretty bits of Durham or buildings in Staithes. They’re much more ‘country’.

And who knows, one day I may go back. I think I can even find my way to Albert Square again.

While I was over there I went to the Contemporary Six Gallery show on the Northern boys. Fantastic work!

I also visited Manchester art gallery. They had a Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition, Micheal Parr a photographer who had photographed Manchester in the 70s. 80s and 2018. there was an exhibition on Lowry and Valette, as well as ceramics by Halima Cassel. I went home an over tired but very happy painter.


here’s a sneaky photo of Valette. I really like how he used his brush marks!


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