Plein air: Sandhaven

I may have mentioned this already, but I’ve got an exhibition coming up. I was invited to join by Stuart Jones. We also met up to do some painting.

We went to Sand Haven, North Shields, which has many painting spots to choose from.

After a quick mooch around, we picked a scene of the beach against the light. It wasn’t the best spot as it was very windy. The boards where rattling or blowing away. After quickly comparing gear (stuarts is all hand made or modified! I am impressed) we got down to it.

The thing we said most was: we’re done. I’ll just finish this bit. Oh no. I’ve ruined it.

Painting people when it was that windy was very difficult. My board was rattling so hard that my people often had three legs, or five heads.

The second painting we tucked in behind the sand dunes and I was captivated by a view of the priory over the harbour, and the lovely lead in of the path.

Luckily I took a photo, this was as far as I got before the sun went in. It didn’t come out again until we were packing up.

As I’d completely lost my light, i got it blocked in and decided to start again, as the sky had changed and I found that more interesting. The sky was also pretty amazing behind us too.

I changed the light on this several times, chasing the light, and this is where I got to when we decided to pack up. Naturally all the good light that had made us pick the spot int he first place came back.

Like the sun had never gone in!

So windy that it completely covered in sand while I was packing up. A picture holder would be handy… or I buy the thicker boards so I can use the matchstick method. The current lot are too wangy. They get smooshed together in the middle in my bag.

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