Noah’s a horse with no teeth, who loves his chin tickled and eating. He’s a dedicated eater. And why yes, he knows he is handsome. Hopefully this painting will do him justice. I took a lot of time getting the shadows mapped out and debating where to put place Noah. Currently I’m feeling good about […]


I’ve been booked to do a demonstration called ‘soggy seasscapes’ on acrylics seascapes. I haven’t painted a full painting in acrylics for over ten years, since my tutor at university got me to try oils properly. Relearning how to use them is a process. Things I’d forgotten (even though I make my students use them) […]


Things I am enjoying about painting today. Working on two paintings from a similar photo at the same time. How awesome the underpainting looks. When there’s light in the painting. Having an brightly saturated orange ground How a satisfying a blocked in painting is, even though it’s only the beginning, My paint palette. I am […]