I’ve just got back from holiday. I went to Mayrhofen skiing. I didn’t injure myself this year, but my ski school group was small, allowing the instructor to ski our boots off. I am so wrecked I could barely lift my suitcase into the transfer bus. Skiing is a full body sport. Definitely need to not be sick the month before so I can work on my cardio and leg strength.

I am definitely refreshed and ready to start painting again, as soon as I’ve caught up on work things. I fully intended to have done that earlier, including preparing some blog posts. Instead I had a nap on my iPad.

An artist on the Savvy painters podcast said you shouldn’t paint while you are away. I definitely understood that this year. I wasn’t sure how to go about painting the snow covered mountains, with blue sky and bright sunshine. I had a better idea of the process of grey days, with lots of rocks and trees. Painting ice is hard… Something to add to the list of things to work on.

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