En plein air 3

Guess who has been to the Blackhall rocks again. This time I took a friend. It was nice to have a break to go over and see what she was up to, and it was a good reminder to drink tea.

The palette I used is pictured below, but I am thinking of adding a purple to it as I haven’t been able to capture the cliffs tonal values correctly. I am painting them too light, but they’re a much darker tonal value. More colour mixing experimentation needed.

The block in.

I managed to Jerry-rig my backpack so it was a weight, but the wind wasn’t so bad. The sun actually came out so I added the highlights while they were there and tried to take a photo for reference, where upon the sun promptly went back in.


    1. Thank you.

      I haven’t. I’ve been an oil painter for 13 years. I have been booked to do a demonstration for acrylic seascapes, hence why I am schlepping all my acrylics to the coast. I live in the north east of England. What is that summer weather you speak of?

      I do work in sheltered accommodation, my ladies there like to take their time and it’s just so hot in there. I look crazy in the spring and autumn months wearing sandals to work.

      I do have a homemade stay wet palette: a plastic box with a more or less airtight lid, kitchen roll and something like baking parchment on top for ease of mixing. It’s just easier to use the disposable palettes in the winter (for me) with the weather. Also a spray bottle of water. Keep misting them like a delicate hothouse flower. I use the same principles when I’m working in sheltered accommodation, my ladies there like to take their time and i will suffer spring and autumn weather in sandals as it’s just so hot in there.


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