Blackhall Rocks en plain air

I buddied up with Sue and went painting to the coast. It was a glorious day. Sunshine! Blue skies and seas and such a clear day the horizon line was such a bright blue instead of a haze.

I started two paintings, but both weren’t finished as the light changed so much,with the sun going in and out of clouds.

More of a block in stage, and the tonal value wasn’t quite right for the yellow/green in the bottom painting. As I mentioned though, it happened so fast! Definitely need to work on my memory drawing and painting. There’s a couple of books I’m eyeballing on the topic.

The constant changing of light meant it was difficult to have space to mix the right colours. Definitely used all the blues that I didn’t use last time. All that time practising greys…. will come in handy next week. It’s a bank holiday weekend, it will rain.

The shadows in the waves were a brown colour. We were chatting to a dog walker who said there was a rock seam under the sea which causes this.

We parked of the beaten path and no one interrupted us. It was a bit of a scramble, and once we got down there, it was hard to find a spot to sit as there were primroses everywhere. We were both also tired so the thought of walking the whole way up the cliff side with all our gear….! Well we both went weak at the knees.

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