Plein air Blackhall

We went to the same spot again, but it was so windy we had to go down to the beach. We found a sheltered spot and decided what we wanted to paint from that area. There weren’t as many people around, but we still spent a good amount of chatting to people. We learned that surf can be created by the wind, like it was on that day or by low pressure further out to sea or up the country. We even had the mystery of why the tides are higher solved: spring tide. They have about a metre more water.

We were chatting to another lady who had done an art A Level as an adult, her parents even attended parents evening. She then went on to do an art degree and was beach combing for sea glass and things to makes jewelry with. She had painted outside once, but a man had parked himself behind her and made disparaging comments. She’s never been out since.

I definitely prefer the view from the cliff tops, but safety first! I’m currently putting a few finishing touches on it in the studio.


    1. Because it’s easier to carry down the cliff side to the beach, and marginally lighter for carrying it back up. It’s still made of wood though so while it’s a solid build it’s still heavy.


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