Plein air at Blackhall Rocks 20th May

The weather was amazing. So good I had to keep misting my acrylics on top of having a stay wet palette. We tucked down on the cliffs down the technically closed stairway and didn’t have to many people going on by. There were loads of rock poolers down on the beach.

The view I was painting.

The block in.

The block in and the view.

Needs some more work but my light had changed.

Under drawing of my second painting. I moved further down the cliff and was sat on a ledge that was too narrow for my easel. Unfortunately I was sat in an ant path.

I trialed my little 24 well paint box for keeping my acrylic paint usable for longer. I am very pleased with it. The paint is sheltered from the drying elements of the world a little more, and it can’t mix together when I chuck it in my pack pack to go home.

I have acquired a much smaller stay wet palette, that will fit in my back back. Portability is key!

Begining to block it in.

Another insect friend. I did try to find out what kind of caterpillar he was. I think he’s going to be a moth. He certainly loved my sketchbooks. I had to gently tip him off to pack up and go home.

Fully blocked in.

Needs a bit more work, but that was all I had in me on the day. I often find stopping when I’ve had enough or the light has changed means I can evaluate at a later date with a clearer head. I have made some adjustments that seemed like the right thing to do at the time that I am still regretting!

As we were carrying all out stuff back to the car park we found a guy practicing his bagpipes. I guess that would be unpopular with the neighbors. An instrument that is made for wide open spaces was very nice from the other side of the car park as we had our final snack.

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