En Car Air

Sometimes when it’s raining, its better to stay in the car.

Fortunately the rain was on an angle and I had a clear view of the view! Due to looking at my new book on composition I am seeing L shaped compositions everywhere so picked out the White House with the fence leading up to it.

I’ve found the little 24 palette box, intended for watercolours or gouache to be really helpful when painting ein plein air. I can close my palette and tip it on the side in my pack back and not have ruined all my paints due them sliding down together in a mixed mess at the bottom. It also helps keep them wetter longer as there’s less air exposure.

I didn’t get many in process shots as I’d set off super early for work and only had an hour and a half.

I had fifteen minutes or so before I had to set off for work, so I planned and quickly blocked in another one. The view in my rear view mirror.

Not bad for five minutes. It’s one I’d like to go back too.

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