Inktober 20017 #31


Reference from Letzteschatten-stock. Well I think the month has helped me get better at drawing, and noses, but I still need to work on drawing smoke. This photos a bit lighter than the original as it was to dark, but I didn’t really notice until now as I was galloping out the door to go to work again. More haste, less speed. Whilst struggling with the smoke I also lost her arm. Oh well., a bit disappointed to how this one turned out, but I shall go take a better photo when it gets light.

Work in progress shot. Before the masking fluid came off. I seem to recall using it before on the bamboo paper and it tearing on the larger bits, but that’s what happened when I took it off.

Inktober 2017 carnage.

I used Caran D’arche white pencil, polychromos white pencil, acrylic white marker, white gel pen – all the fixing was needed on the smoke! – carbon black ink, and my premise ink washes. I used nib Leonardt 40 the steno nib, now it could be because I was rushing… but I found I was fighting it. It’s a very flexible nib, I’m very heavy handed, so there were lots of ink splots. The kuru toga pencil seems to be out of lead! So I used a Shaw’s ballot pencil, and did I miss having a pre-sharpened point all the time. I can’t go back to using my old mechanical pencil, I’m now ruined for life off this freebie.

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