Master study part 1

Ive seen a lot of discussion about whether you should copy other artists work. At school and at any art classes i’ve attended we were always taught by copying an artists painting, do one of your own in that style. And no, the one you’ve just painted is not your image by copyright.

I did this copy of one of the group of sevens as part of a project at an art class I was attending at the time. I then gave it to a friend of my mums, who had given me the book on the group of seven in the first place.

I used palette knives and old credit cards to apply the paint, and hadn’t quite grasped the concept of tonal values, but I had a good source image to work from.

Tomorrow, my version.


  1. I think copying the masters is a great way to learn, to explore new compositions, marks, techniques. I’m glad you were able to find a good home for your copy. It’s lovely and quite an interesting, “evolved” “copy” of the original. Which of the seven painted this?


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