Master studies part 2: my version

I used the same method of painting, and the same colour palette but I painted this based off one of my photos, and made it my own. Looking at my current painting practises I’ve developed my colour/tonal skills more this this painting, but I still use a credit card if I find my rendering of a subject, such as rocks or trees, is too soft.

The dog is my old dog Sam. He used to worm his way into all of my photos, usually cocking his leg, so this was a nice change.

Here he is in his younger days having a back scratch off yours truly. He was a dog that was all character. Bonus points if you can spot Aya!

He had bad skin so had to have a medicated bath once a week in his old age, and it had to sit for ten minutes. Here he is appealing to out and for more dog treats.

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